How to understand git and github for beginners

What is version control?

It’s a system that records changes to files so that if ever the situation calls for it, you’d be able to revert to previous versions of “saved” progress.

Say you sat down one evening and you coded a navigation menu that was red, a footer section that was blue, and set the body text to a font-size of 22px. You were very happy with your progress, so you upload the project files on github and call it a night.

What is Github?

It is a web-based app, which stores your projects / files in repositories

Not all hope is lost because you were smart by storing your local files on Github! You slap your cat on the paw, get a new a laptop, use git and github to access and download your saved files and wallah! it’s as if you never lost progress.

What else can Github do besides save my progress?

Github allows you to collaborate with other developers

While you were sleeping, he used his own laptop — or cattop — “cloned” a copy of your project files into his local desktop and started coding ( sidenote: doing this does not mess up your previous history or currently saved file, he merely cloned a copy of your currently saved file into his desktop ).

What is Git?

If Github is a library of your projects, Git would be the librarian.

— — or — —

If Github is the memory card, git would be the playstation system that is in charge of saving / reverting all progress.

Of course, this is a generalization of what git is.

Additional and amazing resources on github:

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